Playing with photography (fairly old stuff now)

This site charts my experiences as an amateur photographer. I am more of a techie than an artist, so the topics are mainly technical.

A policeman questioned me in Market Street, Eastleigh because I was using a tripod to photograph the Christmas lights. See this forum

  1. Is your software applying your display profile?
  2. Technical tests on Canon EOS 1Ds mark II camera
  3. Technical tests on Nikon D3 camera
  4. Technical tests on Canon EOS 5D camera
  5. Technical comparison between Nikon D3 and Canon EOS 5D
  6. Playing with Norman Koren's Imatest program
  7. Controlling depth of field
  8. What's wrong with in-camera histograms? A definitive view
    1. Test the accuracy of your camera's exposure histogram
    2. Problems with Canon's exposure histograms
    3. What's wrong with Canon's exposure histograms (part 2)
    4. Problems with Canon EOS 5D's blown highlight indicator
  9. Problems with Canon EOS 5D's metering
  10. What's wrong with DSLR exposure metering modes?
  11. Flower arranging for physicists
  12. Shutter speed to freeze subject movement
  13. Problems with EF lens and camera venting
  14. Limitation of standard lens hood on Canon EF24-70mm f2.8L lens

    This is beginning to sound a bit grumpy...

  15. Experience with dust on the EOS 5D's sensor
  16. The EOS 5D exposes night scenes and sunsets pretty well
  17. A panorama of Winchester City taken in 2007 (2 Mb)
  18. A closer panorama of Winchester City taken in 2009 (4.5 Mb)
  19. About Photoshop's histograms
  20. Links

This is an ongoing project...

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