Playing with Imatest

I am a physicist by training, a retired software expert, and an amateur photographer. I found a way of combining these interests when I stumbled upon Norman Koren's IMATEST program.

Basically, Imatest can read a JPEG or TIFF file produced by a digital camera, and calculate from it various objective measures of the performance of the camera or lens. I have been using it to assess the performance of my recently-acquired Canon EOS 5D 12 megapixel full-frame SLR digital camera and its associated L-series lenses, and my old Canon PowerShot G2.

So far, I have concentrated on measuring the dynamic range of the 5D and the light falloff (vignetting) of its lenses. These pages report my results.

  1. Dynamic range tests on EOS 5D (Imatest step chart facility)
  2. Dynamic range tests: Canon EOS 5D RAW and JPG data files
  3. Dynamic range tests on Canon PowerShot G2 (Imatest step chart facility)
  4. Light falloff: Canon EF24-70mm f2.8L USM lens
  5. Light falloff: Canon EF17-40mm f4L USM lens
  6. Other photographic matters

This is an ongoing project...

You can contact me using the email address below (which you won't see unless you have Javascript enabled)

Peter Facey, Winchester, England