Stouffer T4110 test images taken with Canon EOS 5D camera

I have taken these images for use with Norman Koren's IMATEST program.
You may download and use them freely for your own tests, but please credit me as the source.

You can see the lens and exposure information from the EXIF. Target distance is about 0.8 metres. Target illumination is from a Gepe lightbox having a temperature of 5000 degrees K. Camera serial number is 0430100024. Firmware version 1.0.1. Tripod, mirror lock up and TC-80N3 remote controller used.

Please note these points:-

  1. There is a defect in my Stouffer wedge near the bottom of zone 4. Take a look at one of the images in Photoshop or equivalent utility to see it. I suggest you crop the wedge to exclude this when using IMATEST. Norman Koren tells me that, alternatively, you could use the clone tool to remove the defect and it would not upset IMATEST that much.
  2. To read these 5D raw files in Photoshop you need the 3.3 public beta version of Adobe Camera Raw downloadable from Adobe here
  3. Although I think these images show the Stouffer wedge absolutely parallel to the top edge of the photo, my black mask along the bottom of the Stouffer wedge actually rises somewhat as you move to the right (dark) end of the wedge. You need to take account of this when cropping in IMATEST.
  4. Each image is available in Canon's 5D raw form (.CR2 file, about 10 Mb) and in JPG form (about 1.3 Mb). The latter were produced in camera using picture style Standard, white balance set to 5000 degrees K, sRGB colour space, and using the large fine JPG setting.

FileCommentDownload rawDownload JPG
IMG_7347Exposed to just not blow out Stouffer zone 1 on the jpeg Right click Right click
IMG_7353Exposed so that Stouffer zones 1 to 5 are blown out on the jpeg Right click Right click

You can use the over-exposed one to see how much your raw converter can claw back by making negative exposure adjustments. Have fun! - and let me know what you find.

Peter Facey, Winchester, England