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Thoughts about the EU referendum

Photos of New Forest Show 2007

When it was very, very wet!

Some of my better photos taken with a Canon EOS 5D camera

Technical stuff about photography

Some historical things

Chain Home RDF station at Rye

Royal Flying Corps, 1918

Photos of the World Trade Centre, New York, circa 1976

I took these on Agfacolour slide film, which wasn't a very good film even then, and they have deteriorated since. As they are unrepeatable, I thought I'd scan them and put them up here.

A note on old postcards published by A. Emm, Petersfield

The Descriptive Album of London, c.1894

Old stuff

Playing with Imatest

Southampton Airport noise 2004

Photo gallery: Great Dorset Steam Fair 2005

Genitizer GT-1212B graphics tablet

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