Royal Courts of Justice, c.1894

Original description by George Birch in 1894

This block of buildings was erected at a cost, including the site, of £2,200,000, from the designs of Mr. G. E. Street, and has a Strand frontage of 500 feet. The great Central Hall is aboujt 238 feet long, 48 feet wide, and 80 feet high. It was opened on December 4, 1882, by Queen Victoria. There are over 1,000 rooms in all, including 19 Court rooms. The principal entrance is the large doorway at the left of the picture. The public is admitted to the galleries only, when the Courts are sitting, but during the Vacation tickets of admission to the Courts can be obtained on application to the Superintendent’s office between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.


Subject at centre of picture: TQ 3104 8109
Camera position: TQ 3100 8105 approx.
Camera height: 6ft. approx.
View angle: 80° approx, assuming camera close to foreground.
Focal length (35mm equiv): 20mm approx.

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