Cheapside, c.1894

Original description by George Birch in 1894

Cheapside was once an open market, and is still one of the busiest thoroughfares in London, though not now of so much importance as a place of trade. In olden days this neighbourhood was famous for jewellers, drapes, &c., and there was perpetual excitement on account of the conflicts between the apprentices of the different guilds, whose cry “What do ye lack?” was unceasing.

The old Bow Church is one of the few relics now remaining. Visitors wishing to see Cheapside at its busiest should go either in the morning, from 9 till 10, or from 5 to 7 in the evening, when suburban residents engaged in the City during the day, return homewards.

Other observations

Signage in the picture reads, as far as I can tell: Brassets grilled steaks, Sale this day, Now on view, Diaries 2/-, London General Omnibus Company Limited, Pears Soap, Auverman's Gloves.


Subject at centre of picture: TQ 3232 8119 approx.
Camera position: TQ 3227 8120 approx.
Camera height: 6ft.
View direction: ESE
View angle: 54° approx.
Focal length (35mm equiv): 35mm approx.

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