pvfmodscroll greasemonkey script

This Greasemonkey script modifies the Geograph initial moderation page so that it scrolls upwards automatically after each image has been moderated.

It has been tested only with the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers; it won't work with Internet Explorer.

What it does

When you open the moderation page, you should see a thicker grey line around the details of the top image on the moderation screen. This is simply an indication that the script thinks this is the next image you should moderate.

You should be able to moderate as normally, but you should find that when you click the Georgraph!, Supp or Reject buttons the page scrolls upwards to the next image. In fact, the script tries to scroll by exactly the amount necessary to bring the moderation buttons for the next image to the same position on the screen. This is really the point of the script: to save you having to move the mouse or use the mouse scroll wheel between images.

The script also adds 500 pixels of blank space to the bottom of the moderation page. This enables upwards scrolling to continue even when you get to images 14 and 15.

Note that although the script highlights the image that it thinks you should moderate next, this does not prevent you moderating in any order you wish (although of course you're not supposed to). In particular, you are not prevented from going back and remoderating an image higher up the screen. However, the script only autoscrolls when you moderate the image it has highlighted.


You are supposed to wait for the server response before moderating the next image. The script does nothing to enforce this, so it requires self discipline in exactly the same way as usual.

The autocrolling can be a bit hypnotic. It does tend to spur one on. Thus there is a danger that you end up giving insufficient consideration to each decision. Just something to bear in mind.

The scrolling distance is not correct when using Google's Chrome if its zoom level is set to anything other than normal (CRTL+0). I am investigating that, but I believe it is a bug in Chrome.

Installation instructions

Please use the installation instructions below for your browser.

Installation for Firefox

If you know how to install Greasemonkey scripts, just click here on the .js file.
If not, here are the steps—

  1. Install Greasemonkey as an add-on to Firefox (if you don't already have it)
  2. Go here. It will display a list of add-ons. Find the one that's named Greasemonkey and click ADD TO FIREFOX. Firefox may say that it needs to restart itself to make the add-on effective. If so, let it do so.

  3. Enable Greasemonkey within Firefox
  4. In Firefox, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. Do you see a greyed-out frowning monkey icon? If so, click it. You should then see a brown smiling monkey icon. That means Greasemonkey is enabled.

  5. Install the pvfmodscroll script into Greasemonkey
  6. View this web page in Firefox and click this. You should now see a pop up window headed "Greasemonkey Installation".

    Read the warning about malicious scripts. Note that it tells you in the white box the only URL upon which this script will act. To the best of my knowledge and belief this script has no malicious action.

    Then click INSTALL (you may need to wait a short while for this button to light up). You should see a fleeting message along the bottom right of your window saying "pvfmodscroll installed successfully".

Installation for Google's Chrome

In Chrome, just click here on the .js file.

At the bottom left of the window it will say "Extensions and themes can harm your computer...". Press CONTINUE.

A "Confirm Installation" box will pop up. Press INSTALL.

Uninstallation instructions

Uninstallation instructions for Firefox

Uninstallation instructions for Google's Chrome

Use the spanner tool at the top right of your browser window and select EXTENSIONS.

You will now see a list of extensions. This one is called "pvfmodscroll" and there are DISABLE and UNINSTALL buttons at the right of the window. Use either one as appropriate.


You can contact me using the email address below (which you won't see unless you have Javascript enabled)

Peter Facey, Winchester, England